Bratzo Vicich was born Svetozar Vicic Ostojic in Belgrade, Serbia (Ex-Yugoslavia) in  1942. He was the second son of Theodoro Vicic and Milica Ostojic who migrated to Lima, Peru in February of 1948 after world war II. His parents had two sons Dusan Vicic and Svetozar, who was the second son. His father Theodoro Vicic was a famous Orthodox Christian dentist in ex Yugoslavia and was a hero in the Jewish community helping jewish escape from the Nazis. In 1944 Theodor Vicich was captured by the Nazis (Gestapo) in Bratislava, Checkoslovakia to be executed for treason. He was able to escape with his family and hide in Germany until the end of the war. Theodor was right about Germany being the last place where the Gestapo would look for him. In 1946 they  moved to Italy and later on they were able to embark on a boat that was taking many Italians and Yugoslavians to the new world, the american continent. The Vicic family arrived in Peru in 1948. Theodoro didn’t speak any spanish but he was very intelligent and able to begin a brand new life. He was indeed a HERO, risking his life to save other people. He became a very succesful, loved and respected  business man in  Peru.

Bratzo Vicich became in the 60’s, 70’S and 80’s the best race car driver ever seen in the continent of North, Central and SouthAmerica. Racing the unique Mustang Shelbys. One of the few race car drivers in the world who raced the Boss 302, 1969 limited edition Mustang Shelby and many more mustang competition racing cars. He competed through the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s winning many competitions.

His most famous competition and achievement has been “Caminos del Inca” in 1973. He won the most dangerous and difficult rally competition in America:” The Inca Trails”.

welcome to the  racing world of bratzo vicich